You desperately want to listen to your Soul, but you can’t even get her on the line.

You’re at a crossroads, but when you try to tune into your inner wisdom you get nothing but noise. You hear your family, your friends, your partner, or the culture you live in. And even when you do hear a faint whisper coming from deep within, you just don’t trust it. 

When you ask yourself the big questions--Who am I? What really matters to me? Am I living a meaningful and purposeful life? Which direction should I choose?--you find it’s not so easy to hear the answers. Instead, it’s like you’re frantically fussing over a rusty vintage radio, trying to tune in to the frequency of YOU, and getting nothing but static. 

Sound familiar? I hear you, sister. 
Hi, I'm Mariana-- 

For me, it was the painful ending of a marriage that left me face-planted on the ground asking those big questions and struggling to hear the answers. And to top it all off I was haunted by this thought: How can I ever trust myself again if this is where I ended up?

The truth was this:

I had ended up there precisely because I had lost my ability to tune in to my own frequency and connect with my own truth. I could see now that almost every path I had taken that led to some kind of destruction came as a result of being disconnected from that inner channel. 

As an eternally curious and passionate seeker, I responded to this epiphany by doing ALL the things: therapy, personal development workshops, spiritual courses, sitting with shamans--you name it. And that was all GREAT.

But it wasn’t until I dropped anchor and got radically present that things really started to change.

Through meditation practices I learned how distinguish between anxious mental chatter and that true soul voice. I sought out a coach, whose support made all the difference when I was taking those first shaky steps. With patience and devotion, that rusty vintage radio was soon transmitting crystal clear inner-channel goodness again.

And it felt SO good, like a favorite song I hadn’t heard in a very long time. And once I found that inner channel again, I knew that I wanted nothing more than to help others do the same. 

Now, I hold certifications in life coaching and meditation instruction, and it’s my privilege to support women who are seeking this same return to self-trust and inner wisdom. Through deep inquiry, meditation, and coaching techniques ranging from somatics to straight up goal-setting, I help women to connect with their truth, build self-trust, and start honoring their souls.

When I’m not championing women’s inner wisdom, I can be found belting Florence + The Machine in my car while navigating L.A. traffic with my dog, Kaya, in the backseat. At other times I can be found hiking in the hills, or using my human bullshit detector skills at my film industry job. My personality flavor is INFP, with a dash of Aquarius Sun and Leo Rising. I’m so glad you’re here...